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Misconceptions Of Ghosts

Some of the biggest misconceptions of Ghosts are:

1. All Ghosts Are Evil:

This believe probably stems from most peoples fear of the afterlife. There are evil ghosts but the majority are not! As people begin to realize most spirits they see are not hurting anyone. So this is becoming less common. Most spirits wish no one any harm. They just want to be noticed!

2. If I read about spirits, haunting or believe they will haunt my home.

Mostly all this does is make you more sensitive to there presence. There for you may start noticing them more and think they came because you read about it.  You may have just been closed off to their presence before.  They where probably there to begin with, you just weren't open to it.

3. only old houses where death has occurred are haunted.

not true, people, places, objects and area's can all be haunted by spirits. If a spirit loved something in life they can come back to it in death.

4. Ouija boards and seances are a great way for me to make a connection to the afterlife and my deceased loved ones.

we already discussed this several times. You never know what spirit will come through and some spirits do lie!

5. if I don't see a ghost there isn't one there.

not true ghosts may or may not want to make contact with the living. If they choose to it maybe through noises, smells, apparitions, moving your objects around as well as many other ways that they may choose to.  Just cause you don't see them doesn't mean they are not there. Also doesn't mean they have not tried in their own way to let you know of their presence, not just by seeing them.