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About Spirits and About My Club

My club is on Yahoo. Here is a link to my club:

This is a club where we discuss Wicca, Spells, Ghosts (Paranormal).
We also help those in need from Spirits, who are around them or in
there homes.

We help them, by sending as much positive, protective energy has we can.
We do this as a team. Using Protection Spells and other methods.

What I am hoping these Paranormal Pages I have included in my site will do, is
help those already in the club, new people coming in to better understand about the Paranormal. Some of the people already in the club are experienced already, others who may not feel comfortable can come here for information if they wish and receive helpful information and updates from the Club.
I am also hoping these pages will encourage others to join the club experienced or not,
to help us help those in need out there. Also to educate people of the dangers of the paranormal and how sometimes people actually open themselves up to spirits invading their lives.

Thank you for stopping by. Please visit About Spirits and Paranormal for a little more info on the Spirit World. Blessed Be.