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Why Ghosts Don't Cross Over
Why do some spirits not cross over?

This is a commonly asked question. Here are a few reasons, why a spirit may choose to stay earthbound, rather than cross over to the Summer lands, Heaven, whatever you choose to call it.

Some spirits will remain at the place where they have died. Especially if it was a sudden or unexpected death. They remain where they die and may try to make contact with anyone who passes by. Especially those sensitive to spirits.

Some spirits are afraid to cross over. They maybe afraid it is the end of everything. They may feel afraid of being judged when they cross over or of going to what some people call hell. This spirits may realize they are dead but stay here out of fear of what is beyond!

Some spirits may remain earthbound to complete something or to watch over loved one. This spirits may not be here long depending on how complicated what they feel needs to be done is. Generally then these spirits pass over. Sometimes these spirits need the living to help them complete there goals. Then they may contact someone to assist them. If the living cannot understand what they need or want this can make the spirits stay more lengthy. Almost anything that a spirit feels compelled to do before it
goes to the light can make it remain here until it feels comfortable with how they have left things.

Another reason a spirit may stay earthbound is because of living loved ones who cannot get over the death and by not letting go. This happens when people go beyond the normal grieving process and become obsessed with the deceased person. So this can complicate them passing over. They are afraid to leave us.

Here are a few reasons why a spirit may stay earthbound.