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How To Communicate with a Ghost
A question that is often asked is
“How Do I Communicate With A Ghost?”

I usually advise to wait till the spirit decides to contact you!

How Do You Know When A Ghost Is Trying To Communicate With You?

There are many ways a spirit may try to contact you. Here are a few of those ways:

Through Dreams

When you are asleep, your mind is more open to things you may not have considered possible. Such has the existence of Ghosts. So many Ghosts may try to contact you through your dreams. Because it will be less frightening to you.
If you dream of someone you know who is deceased, they maybe trying to contact you. Pay close attention to your dreams. I recommend keeping a pad and pen next to your bed in case you wake up so you can write it done before you forget what you saw or heard in your dreams.


This is becoming a common way for Spirits to contact the living. Sometimes you don't even know yet that this person has passed away. The calls are generally short, to the point,
giving you love, hope, and information in a time of need.

Other Ways Maybe

Through a written message or just a feeling of not being alone when you think you are. Also through whispers in the night.

My Suggestions To You:

1. Be Patient

2. Never try to force or rush a spirit in to communication. They will contact you when they are ready.

3. Never ever take matters into your own hands and use devices or rituals such as Ouija Boards, Seance, or Automatic Writing. If you feel it is urgent and cannot wait, that the spirit is in some kind of trouble, that you are the reason they are still here an d have not passed over or whatever. Contact a recommended and experienced Psychic, Medium, or Paranormal Investigators and get the help you need. They know better than you do on how to communicate safely with the big afterlife world without letting in bad or unwanted spirits. They also know how to handle bad and unwanted spirits.