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About Me

Hi, my name is Niki. I am 30 years old. I am very happily married to a wonderful man.
I am Wiccan. I have also always been somewhat Psychic and have had a link to the Spirit world since I can remember.  
But first I will tell you some basic things about me. I was born in Arizona and except for a short time in  California, I have lived here all my life.
I have been married for four years now. We had a small, fast ceremony on March 14, 1998 (nobody was there except my husband and me). Not a lot of people knew we got married until they came to our Formal Wedding on October 31, 1998. I was a Black bride and My husband was Merlin. Everybody else dressed up too. My husbands best man was a Lawyer ( he looked like The Devil with a suit on). My bouquet was a black stuffed animal kitty with flowers decorated around the collar. Besides the fact that we had several video camera's, an elaborate electronic setup with wireless microphones, a studio size video and Audio setup, we figured our family and friend's, who agreed to help, would have at least aimed the camera's so we could have had video of this day, but all we have is our feet and shots during the party when people wanted to play with the equipment. It was a wonderful Day.
If you haven't guessed yet my husband is an Electronic Technician. He is also in
Mensa (for extremely intelligent people), and he thinks he is a Howard Stern look a like, besides the long curly brown hair down his back, big nose, and that he is 6'5, he looks nothing like Howard. We look like Mutt and Jeff, because I am only 5'3. Well that's enough about him. Let's get back to what you came for Me!!

Besides Wicca and The Paranormal, here is a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Music: Anything from the 80's, All ZZTop songs especially Viva Las Vegas, All ABBA songs.

Favorite Movies: I love movies in general but especially The Star Wars Films and anything with either Nicholas Cage or Christian Slater.
Recently after seeing the Angelina Jolie movie Tomb Raiders and playing the games.
I have become a Big Angelina Jolie Fan. I have started collecting all her movies!

Favorite TV Show: Jerry Springer ( I own all the video's too)

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking (anything, Simple to Gourmet, International to Baking)

A Brief Description of My Paranormal Experience's: Note as Brief as Possible:

Some of my experiences tie in directly to how I also got into Wicca.

First thing I remember is when I was seven or eight.
A really strange story, but it is completely true.
I was visiting my Aunt for the summer. I was outside playing with the
kids in the neighborhood.
They were being very mean to me because I was a new kid. They told me
of this witch who lived at the end of the street and they basically
dared me to go knock on her door. I wanted to fit in, cause I had 3 whole
months to go here. I went to her door and this beautiful lady dressed in
black came to the door. She called me by my name and told me hers
(Maranda) said she had been expecting me. I figured this was some kind of a
joke they had played on me. She talk to me about my life and what was
to come, she told me I was a witch and she gave me a pentagram amulet
which I still have. She told me who my best friend would be and that her
name was Deanne and my husband and that his name was Steve, showed me
them through her crystal ball. I left still figuring this was a joke.
The next day I asked the other kids about her, they said they didn't know
what I was talking about. So I knocked on her door. Some man answered
the door, I asked for her. He told me that was his great grandmother and
she had been dead for many years.
I forgot all about this till when I was 15. I meet my best friend Dee,
she looked exactly like I saw her through the crystal ball. She is still
my best friend even though I live on one side of the US and her on the
other. We are very psychically linked. Dee is a wonderful person, she is also telepathic.
When she goes back to school this fall, she maybe able to also join the club. So I hope to see her there. Also so you all can meet this wonderful gentle person.
The day I meet my husband, I saw Maranda, I was working as a nursing
assistant doing home health, I went to take out my patients garbage. I
saw her on the other side of a parking lot, I turned to dump the trash
and turned around, she was standing in front of me. It was not possible
for her to get there that quick. She told me I would meet Steve today.
Later that day I saw him inside a VCR repair place. He had long hair.
Not my kind of guy.
I said forget this. NO way. I was very into my soap opera's back then
and I taped them everyday, the next day my VCR died. It was a very
expensive VCR. I took it to that guy to be repaired. Is name was Steve. We
have now been married for almost three years.
Now I think I owe it to Maranda and myself to learn the religion she
told me somewhere in my family history was practiced.

I know that my Mother also practiced Wicca and Magick, but she quit.

I also know I am 1/16 Cherokee. So is Steve.

The next thing I remember was when I was ten years old. I was asleep and was woken
in the middle of the night to a little girl crying in my room.  I asked her "What was the matter?" she said "My kitty just died!"
Next thing was my grandmother (Nana) came in my room and told me my cat just got hit by a car and died. Note about my cats death: My neighbors were teenagers and one of them was drunk and hit my cat, who was on the opposite side of our street from where they lived, she was sitting on the sidewalk. She was already very ill and was living on one kidney. But she was not suffering.
I later learned the spirit of the little girls was named "Amy", her father killed her mother and her. Amy left the house and moved with me when I left. She had followed me around from place to place. Two months ago Amy went to the Summerlands. My Grandmother and her mother came and got her and Amy told me she was now ready to go. I gave her my blessing. Though I miss her from time to time. I am happy for her that she is in a better place with loved ones.

Then there were several times too many to mention, where spirits contacted me themselves looking for help.

Up until about six years ago, every night I was visited by a very scary Black Spirit with a silver face. I found a group of witches who helped me do a Power of Many Spell and have not seen him since.

I have also been on Ghost Hunting trips with Dee, who is telepathic and psychic.
We have been all through California and most of Arizona. We have encountered
a lot of spirits. But I'll save those for a whole other Web site.

That's about it! Merry Part. Blessed Be. Please visit my other pages. Especially if you like Pets,  you can visit My Pet Page for a description of my zoo. Which continues to grow.


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