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      Do Ghosts Follow?

A Ghost could follow you from place to place but it is not likely. Most Ghost are attached to a location or building. It may have been a favorite place for them, their home or scene of their death. The living occupants may or may not be aware of the spirits presence, depends on how sensitive or Psychic you are.

If you have a Ghost that is following it maybe because, it has attached itself to you.

Such was the case with my childhood Ghost "Amy". She was the one who told me my cat had died when I was a kid.

Also deceased relatives or friends may not be bound by location and can follow living loved ones around from place to place.

A spirit may also be attach to an object. It could be a favorite chair,  family heirloom, or whatever the spirit holds dear to them.

In any case spirits are drawn to living people that are sensitive their presence. They seek this people out to keep them company, for help, or whatever.