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My Pets
I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.
       I saved this page to tell you My Most Favorite TV Show: Crocodile Hunter on     
       Animal Planet !

Tuesday and Madusa

Tuesday is a Green Iguana. We have had him for over 3 years.
Somebody sold him and another female iguana to us. She has since passed on, her name  was Pugsly she was over 4 feet long. She was very special and we miss her dearly.  When we got Tuesday, he was just a baby, you could fit him in one palm. Now he is  almost 4 feet long. He is like a tornado through my house. He messes up anything on  tables, counter tops, any surface he walks on. It all ends up in the floor. We keep all  
breakables in a cabinet away from his way. He is a free roaming iguana, he has complete  run of the house. He is litter box trained. He is a vegetarian. I call him Momma's baby,  cause he can be very sweet.  Here is a pic of Tuesday:


Tuesday has a very important message for those who read this section and are thinking of getting a Green Iguana:

"Somewhere in the world at this very
moment someone is buying an iguana at a
pet store. The store is selling them a 10
gallon aquarium, hot rock, expensive clip
lamp, dry packaged food, and telling
them to feed the iguana lettuce and
crickets. This person will take the iguana
home, feed it every day ... give it water
... and watch the new iguana slowly die"

This was taken off the National Iguana Awareness Page
Please visit them at:

Steve and I are members of the NIAD! This is very important to us! Please Read!
These animals need special care. They need good heat lamps, heat rocks, a CHE (ceramic heating element), reflector with porcelain socket, spot light, temperature reader, and a UVB bulb (currently only Reptisun, Iguana light, or Vitalite).

You should feed your iguana at least 70% greens such as
dandelion greens, endive, mustard greens, turnip greens, and collard greens. Fill in with parsnips, butternut squash, figs, green beans, peas, grapes, and raspberries. However, never feed Rhubarb because it is poison to iguanas. Iceberg lettuce is useless because it contains practically no nutrients.

Tuesday has a huge cage that takes up most of the Living Room, it has spotlight and Vitalites, it has three sections. You have to be careful they do not get burned my the heat of the lights, this is very bad for them. Do not use heat rocks! Please visit the NIAD if you have any questions regarding care, diet, lightening or anything about Iguana's!
He is very equipped for a good life. He sits in his cage  under all the lights. But he is free roaming. There are no doors on his cage and he comes and goes out of it has he pleases. But he always returns on his own when he needs to get warm or go to bed. He is very smart. In case anyone is wondering he gets along very well with the cats. The cats have no problem with Tuesday.
Beware that most Iguanas die young, the ones that live can grow up to 6 feet long!
So if you want an Iguana has a pet then be prepared for either.
We have had two Iguana's pass away on us. Pugsley who was  almost  4 feet long,
she was a female Iguana, she died of Kidney disease, a very common illness for Iguana's. Then there was Wednesday, a baby Iguana, Steve and I got when we where
shopping at a local Pet store, we saw her, she was missing digits on her paws and part of her tail and just looked very beat up and sick! I asked the clerk what happened to her and he told us she came from the supplier like that. He offered to sell her to us for less than half the price. Since we where experienced Iguana owners, maybe we could try and save her. I had to feed her and water her with a dropper and about a month later she died. But we knew and the store clerk knew, she didn't stand much of a chance. We miss both of our Iguana's dearly. It was very sad for us! I just want people to be prepared and know as much information as possible before they get one. They are incredible smart animals and all have their own personalities. They are special!


Madusa is a Mexican Redtail Boa . She is smaller than a regular Boa. She is 4 feet  
right now, they can get to be about 6 feet long. She is the most quiet animal we have. She  sleeps most of the time and only eats every 2 weeks to a month. She does eat  rats.  Sometimes live but usually frozen and thawed. She is a caged animal. You don't want a  loose snake that can hibernate for months running loose.

Lita and Ozzy
Are Bearded Dragons. We got them back in Aug. of 2001.
They are still growing. Lita is a bit bigger than Ozzy has you can see here in this photo:

Ozzy is on top!

Mister, Ashley, and Mello

Mister is a pure black, fluffy haired cat. He belonged to my husbands ex-girlfriend. He loves my  husband, but he likes me best. Mister is very independent, he is an outside kitty, by his own choosing.  He is a very picky kitty when it comes to attention he doesn't care for too much of it. Just a little pet  here and there, when he says it's ok. He is not picky about food though he loves everything. He is about 8-9 years old.
Here is Mister:

Ashley is a Mane Coon Kitty, she is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. She is 8 years old and I  got her from a lady who advertised in the local paper. When I got to her house to see the kitties it  was dark and I saw about two hundred pair of eyes looking in the dark. I kid you not she lived in a three bedroom house with about two hundred cats inside and out. She had three kittens set aside for  me to choose from and Ashley was one of them, she was about 4-6 weeks old. Ugly kitten, but she turned out to be the beautiful swan. She is also the sweetest cat in the world. My husband says I  
need to wean her, because she follows me everywhere all day long. Even if she is settled with him, if I leave the room she struggles to follow me. She is a lot of company for me. I sometimes wonder if after 8 years she gets tired of following me. Lol! She is also called Ash O lita. Her full name is Ashley Mariah, because there is a story of a goose (I think it was) named Mariah who was so attached to her owner that everyday when he left, she would go to the end of the driveway and wait for him to  
return at the end of the day. One day he left, there was a bad snow storm and this prevented him from coming home for a couple of days. When he returned he found Mariah waiting at the end of the driveway frozen to death. I gave this middle name to Ashley when I got her I don't think I realized how true to her nature it was till later.

Here is Miss Ash:

Mello is a white with gray spots long haired cat. I have had her the longest. Her mother Samantha was my cat when I was a teenager. Samantha had Mello and four other kittens, Samantha was a very small cat herself and only being 5 months old her babies where cramped in the womb and Mello was  last to be born, she had no room to completely develop and it left her with curled up tail and  retardation. Samantha must have sensed this and along with the other kittens refused to let Mello eat,  
so I took Mello and raised her myself. After she was weaned and the other cats saw she was still alive, they accepted her. Mello is 10 years old and the only one left with us. The others either ran away or where killed. Mello is doing very well, but she is very strange, she runs from us constantly. Will only allow you to pet her if you are sitting. She steals socks to use for babies to cry over in the hall way. She jumps the walls all the way to the ceiling. She is however very friendly in her own way. She acts like a cat who  
has been severally abused, however she has always had a loving home and always will. She only  weighs 8 lb. and eats a lot. We call her the pig in kitty clothing.


Then of course there is Tina De Mouse, Mello's favorite toy. Mello likes to sit and watch Tina for hours and bat at the glass! I found her under our steps one day the neighbors cats had beat her pretty badly. 9 months later she is all healed from her wounds and doing fine!

Last but certainly not least is our newest addition to the family POOPSIE!

Poopsie is our new puppy. She is 10 weeks old. She is a Rottweiler, Airdale and Coon Hound mix. We found her at Petco when they had an animal rescue adoption there. We have always wanted a Rottweiler. So we figured this way we get a dog we want and get to rescue one too. She is the best puppy ever and good company too.
She knows how to sit, she knows the word "NO!" but doesn't like it. (What puppy does?), she is almost completely housebroken just needs to learn to ask to go out.
Poopsie was found abandoned out in the desert after a rain storm with her Mom (an airdale coonhound mix), her father (a full blooded rotty), and her 5 brothers and sisters. They where all covered in mud starving. My husband named her Poopsie because he thought it would be funny to have a big doggy with a small doggies name!
Here is some pics of Poopsie:

This is her at 6 wks when we got her.

This is Poopsie last week @ 9 wks old!

and another 9 wks pic!

Ashley and Poopsie together yesterday-3-12-02

That is all of the Zoo at this time but we are growing. Thanks for stopping by and learning about My Zoo!