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Dangers of Working  With the Paranormal

When you contact or visit places where there are spirits, you are opening yourself up to a gate. A gate which once the evil spirits get through you may not be able to close.

This includes engaging spirits in Banishing Spells as well
as using a Ouija Board or doing a Seance. You open yourself up to the spirits. I do not recommend anyone, especially someone who is inexperienced to mess with Ouija Boards or Seances. I hear too many times "I have this evil spirit who won't leave me alone"
and come to find it out, they had played with a Ouija Board or done a Seance. Then they say "It was just for fun!"
Well tell me, is it now fun that you are being stalked by what you let through the gate you opened?
Be smart. Don't open up gates, unless you have to, like to help someone else, but make sure, you know, how to protect yourself and what you are doing!

This is not something you can do if you have a lot of fear.

You have to believe in the protection you are sending to these people.

This is something I recommend you learn more about before you practice it.

We recommend a Protection Charm Spell be done first and worn at all times.

This Spell, has well has the Other Protection Spells you will find on the Classroom Spell Page.

I hope this helps. I also hope to see ya on the club. Blessed Be. Merry Part.